Message from Pranish Singh
Date of Event Greenvale Kangaroos Cricket Club : Thu Jul 15, 2021 2:21PM

Hi Everyone,

A message to let everyone know I have decided to step away from the Kangaroos and club cricket in general for this coming season. As most would know I don’t make decisions on a whim, so this isn’t as a result of any one event. After 7 seasons as an assistant coach at the Roos the time has come for me to step away for a short break.

I’d like to thank Bruce for giving me the opportunity 7 years ago to join and help him establish the club in Premier cricket just after the merger. Over that time there have been plenty of robust phone calls, (my ears are still ringing from some of them), but at no stage have I ever had anything but 100% support from Bruce and Hutchy.

Thank you to Peter for having the confidence in allowing me to lead the Premier Men’s program in season 2019/20, and Damian for showing complete faith and support in my judgements last season. To have experienced people like Peter and Damian trust me with making decisions other assistant coaches wouldn’t get to make is rewarding. It’s the strength and drive that Damian now brings that will get the men’s program moving on field.

Thank you to everyone for making it an enjoyable 7 seasons for me. To the players and parents that have followed me to Greenvale, I appreciate the trust you had put in me. Things take time, the opportunities available at Greenvale are significant, but also not without its frustrations. There has been plenty of good work done behind the scenes in the last few months which will now translate into on field success. I’m excited with what the next few seasons holds for the Roos.

I hope to return to club coaching, and if an opportunity is given to me at GK when that happens, I won’t hesitate to take it. But for now, I’ll be looking on as a keen supporter.


Last updated: Thursday July 15, 2021 2:26PM